If you’ve ever taken out an installment loan, you may be familiar with some of the optional products that are offered alongside them. These additional products are commonly called ancillary products, and each offer specific benefits.


Additional Products Offered by Loan Companies 

So, what are ancillary products? Accidental Death and Dismemberment, or AD&D, and Auto Club, are two that are frequently available.

What is AD&D?

AD&D provides payment in the event of death or dismemberment as a result of an accident. According to Insurance.com most AD&D policies cover speech, hearing, and sight loss, as well as paralysis, coma, and the loss of a limb or finger.


  • Protects in time of unforeseen need
  • No out of pocket deductibles or expenses
  • Affordability and Convenience

AD&D is not intended to replace disability or life insurance policies.

What is Auto Club? 

Auto Club is not insurance, but an optional club membership which offers various benefits including financial help with unexpected auto-related expenses.

Auto Related Benefits:

  • Enterprise and National Rental Car Discount
  • Emergency road side service reimbursement
  • Emergency travel expense
  • Stolen automobile award
  • Personal defense fees
  • Traffic court defense

Other Benefits:

  • Free discount prescription card
  • AT&T wireless discount
  • World-wide travel discounts
  • Pre-paid debit Mastercard

Ask your provider for specific coverages and limitations to the benefits above. These products have helped many people in the past. Once you have the details, you may find that they are worth having for yourself, and may help you with maintaining your finances in uncertain times.

Want more resources regarding this topic? We've created a page called Personal Loan Basics to provide you with more information.

June 26, 2018
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