Doing Summer on a Budget

If your summer plans outpace your budget, you aren't alone. It's an expensive time of year for families. As we head into back-to-school time, you may be wondering how you'll find the extra money you'll need to finance your child's needs.

7 Budget-Saving Tips for Back to School Shopping

You may not want to think about back-to-school time during the first weeks of summer break but doing so could help keep your budget healthy throughout August and September.

South Carolina Tax-Free Weekend Gives Back-To-School Shoppers a Break

During the first weekend of August in South Carolina, shoppers can save some money on back-to-school purchases. The tax-free weekend starts Friday, August 2, 2019, and goes until Sunday, August 4, 2019.

Back-to-School Budgeting is a Teaching Moment for Kids

Back-to-school time takes a toll on your budget if you aren’t prepared. Extra expenses add up and sticking to your plan can be difficult. You don’t have to do it alone, though. This is an ideal time to help your kids build budgeting skills. Here are a few ideas about how to use back-to-school time to teach kids about money:

Don’t Overlook These Back-to-School Expenses

Even after the first back-to-school rush, many families continue to struggle with the costs associated with this time of year. Here are few budget-busting expenses that parents may forget to budget for:

How to Manage Back-to-School Costs

For parents and kids, back-to-school time can be a lot of fun. It can also be expensive. The school supply list, shoes, new clothes, and school fees add up fast. This time of year may be hard on the family budget. A lot of parents end up feeling like it will take them months to recover financially from the extra expense of outfitting their kids for the first day of ...

Back To School Expenses

What do you do when you have a financial emergency? If you’ve budgeted for one, you may be able to tap into your emergency fund. If not, you have to find another means. This could mean borrowing the money from friends or family, or taking out a personal loan. Read on for ideas on how to pay for school supplies.  
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