There are a lot of great sales and deals in stores after the Christmas holiday. Many people wait to purchase big-ticket items until January hoping they’ll save some money on things they need.

Post-holiday shopper.jpegNot every end-of-the-year sale is a good deal, though. It helps to understand which items are truly discounted and which are better to wait to purchase.

What to buy

Christmas decorations and Christmas-themed items like paper plates, napkins, wrapping paper, and cards may have up to a 90% discount. Stock up and pack these deeply discounted items away with your other decorations for use next year.

You’ll find great deals on the hottest seasonal toys and games post-Christmas. Stock up for birthdays and celebrations throughout the year.

If you need to replace electronics, now is the time to do it. New models pop up in the spring, so waiting until January to buy a new TV can be a money-saving move.

What to skip

It may seem like grills and patio furniture would be super cheap during the winter months, but you’ll get better deals in June and July. This is the end of the summer season according to the retail calendar, so even though it seems like prime time to buy outside furniture and treat yourself to a new grill, you may get better discounts in June or July.

Luggage sales will pop up with all the other post-Christmas items, but winter is a popular time for travel. Buy new luggage in the off season for better deals.

Get what you need without overspending

“Limited time only” and “one-day sale” signs are everywhere right after Christmas. It can be difficult to remain focused in an environment where every “lowest price of the season” demands your immediate attention.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, make a list of specific items you are shopping for and set a budget.

If you want winterwear, shop early for the best selection. Sweaters, coats, boots, and other seasonal clothing prices take a dive in late December and early January. If you have small children, consider buying a size or two up for next year and get their essentials on sale.

When shopping online, take advantage of the “sort” feature. Narrow the selection by size and sort the list by lowest price first. Don’t waste time searching for a coupon code.

Many people sell their unwanted gift cards online after the holidays. Visit Gift Card Granny and pay less than full price for a gift card that you can use later.

If you have gift cards for stores you don’t love, consider trading them in for cash at any one of the many websites that buy unwanted gift cards. Check out or

Getting incredible deals both online and in the store, is a real possibility after the holiday rush is over.

Looking for more savings tips? Check out our helpful guide on The Basics of Saving Money.

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