Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Refund Dates

Most people are curious about when they will get their tax refund. For those who file and use the EITC for the 2017 tax year, they can expect to get their refund no earlier than February 27, 2018.

5 Tips to Take Advantage of After Christmas Sales

You’ll get some of the best deals of the year right after Christmas. While we are still focused on winter, retail stores are preparing for spring. They want to clear out their seasonal merchandise and you can take advantage of their need to make room for new stuff.

Save Money on Your 2018 Taxes

2018 taxes will look different than years past. The standard deduction doubles and personal exemptions are gone. If you think you may owe taxes, you still have a time to take advantage of opportunities to reduce that burden.

What Is a Live Check?

If you’ve ever received a check in the mail that looks authentic, but aren’t sure why you received it or what it is, it is most likely a live check. 

Ways to Save During the Holidays

It’s a notoriously expensive time of year, but it’s also a time of fun traditions and getting together with friends and family. Make the most of this holiday season without blowing your budget or sacrificing fun with these tips:

How to Handle Seasonal Expenses

Budgeting takes the worry out of money management, and extending this great financial habit into the holidays is a smart move. In fact, there are many instances throughout the year when having planned ahead will benefit you. Here’s how to handle seasonal expenses in a way that keeps your financial life as stress-free as possible.

Tips for Sticking to your Holiday Budget

For many people, the words “budget” and “fun” don’t go together. There are some simple ways to help you stay on track with your holiday spending without sacrificing the joy of the season, though.

Tips to Save Money

October 30, 2018
If the word frugal brings up images of never again eating in a restaurant or going on vacation, it’s time for an update. Being frugal simply means you keep more of the money you make by not spending it on things that you don’t really care about.

Tips to Supplement Your Income

October 26, 2018
If you need a bit of extra money, or are between full-time jobs, a side job is one way to reach your goal.

Tips to Reduce Your Power Bill

As the weather changes, your household energy bills may rise. When combined with regular rate increases from the power company, bigger electricity and gas bills could put a pinch on family finances.
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