Common Uses for Personal Installment Loans

When you need money quickly, an installment loan is a good option. This helpful financial tool can give you set equal payments for specific term, allowing you to spread out an expenses for things such as property taxes, automobile repair, or vacation for example.

Budget-Friendly Vacations in Georgia and South Carolina

Warm weather and the end of the school year are two great reasons to celebrate. Here are some tips to help you have the best possible summer vacation while sticking to your budget:

How Does Experian Boost Work?

April 25, 2019
If you don’t have a lot of access to credit or do not have enough credit card or loan accounts to build a good payment history, your thin credit file could keep you from accessing other forms of credit.

Tax Bracket Changes Coming in 2019

After making big changes to the tax code at the end of 2017, the government made another round of changes to tax brackets for 2019.

Personal Finance Tips

Deciding to limit debt and move toward healthy financial habits is a major step to becoming self-sufficient and reaching your goals.

Why You May or May Not Want a Home Warranty

March 12, 2019
For homeowners on a tight budget, a home warranty can offer peace of mind. A good policy limits unexpected expenses where your home’s crucial systems are concerned. Buying a home warranty could save you from having to tap your emergency fund to cover a broken freezer or malfunctioning air conditioning unit.

How to File an Extension with the IRS for your 2018 Taxes

If you aren’t sure you’ll make the upcoming April 15 deadline to file your 2018 taxes, there’s an easy way for you to get an extension on the paperwork. This means you’ll have a few extra months to get your tax returns prepared, whether you do them yourself or hire a tax professional.

All About Renter’s Insurance

Without a renter’s insurance policy, you’ll be 100% responsible for replacing your personal possessions if they are damaged or destroyed. Only 37% of people who rent their residence have renter’s insurance, however.

Different Types of Scores Help Expand Access to Credit

While you may be familiar with your FICO score, a person’s credit score calculated by the Fair Isaac Corporation, or one of the major credit bureaus, you may not be aware there are several additional types of credit scores. Every American with a social security number or tax identification number that has borrowed money in the past few years has a credit score with ...

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

There's no need to blow your budget on Valentine's Day this year. You can show your love and appreciation for your significant other while saving money.
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5 tips to better your credit

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