Saving or Spending in Uncertain Times

The financial challenges of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic came out of nowhere for many people. It left a large part of the population unsure of their financial future. While you might not be someone who lost a job, suffered a demotion or pay cut in anyway, you still might be unsure of your financial future.

Best Savings Apps

These time-tested and well-reviews apps make saving money easy

Doing Summer on a Budget

If your summer plans outpace your budget, you aren't alone. It's an expensive time of year for families. As we head into back-to-school time, you may be wondering how you'll find the extra money you'll need to finance your child's needs.

Save Money on Your 2018 Taxes

2018 taxes will look different than years past. The standard deduction doubles and personal exemptions are gone. If you think you may owe taxes, you still have a time to take advantage of opportunities to reduce that burden.

Tips to Save Money

October 30, 2018
If the word frugal brings up images of never again eating in a restaurant or going on vacation, it’s time for an update. Being frugal simply means you keep more of the money you make by not spending it on things that you don’t really care about.

Tips to Reduce Your Power Bill

As the weather changes, your household energy bills may rise. When combined with regular rate increases from the power company, bigger electricity and gas bills could put a pinch on family finances.

Tips to Teach Kids the Value of Money

October 12, 2018
After a recent study from the University of Cambridge, The Money Advice Service located in the United Kingdom says that kids’ money habits are formed by age seven.

Don’t Overlook These Back-to-School Expenses

Even after the first back-to-school rush, many families continue to struggle with the costs associated with this time of year. Here are few budget-busting expenses that parents may forget to budget for:

How to Manage Back-to-School Costs

For parents and kids, back-to-school time can be a lot of fun. It can also be expensive. The school supply list, shoes, new clothes, and school fees add up fast. This time of year may be hard on the family budget. A lot of parents end up feeling like it will take them months to recover financially from the extra expense of outfitting their kids for the first day of ...

Suggestions for Saving & Retirement

If you’ve had a tough time saving money in the past, you aren’t alone. Bankrate released a study in 2016 indicating that one in six households with annual income between $50,000 and $75,000 have no emergency savings. More than half of households with annual income below $30,000 have no savings. This is the same study that showed half of all Americans couldn’t handle ...
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