What’s Happened

Recently you may have witnessed how quickly your “normal” everyday life can change. From schools and churches going online, to restaurants and manufacturers limiting services or temporarily closing, everyone has been affected in some way.

What’s Being Done

While both state and federal governments are working to put tools in place to help those in need, it may still be several weeks before that relief is available. Unfortunately, many can’t wait as they have had regular work hours cut or have been laid off temporarily. Consumers will need cash but may not need the minimum amount traditional banks offer, or they may not meet the banks qualifications.

How We Can Help

If you have been affected, need a personal loan*, and have paperwork from your employer stating you are temporarily laid off, please contact one of our local branches in Georgia or South Carolina. They can answer any questions and process applications over the phone. We offer personal installment loans with set payments for a specific term. If approved, our branches can prepare your paperwork and help process your loan efficiently, so you spend minimal time at the branch.


*Subject to our most liberal credit policies

March 25, 2020
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